Strategic Business

Real estate is an important asset class for any family office, and this is true for us as well. In addition to traditional approaches to this asset class, we look at real estate as the underlying asset on which to nurture and build value added business. In effect, for us, real estate forms the 'horizontal' on which we build certain business 'verticals.’ Hospitality is one such vertical where we are currently focused.

In 2009, we conceptualized and set in motion plans for an integrated Hospitality business that included management, investment & development. That same year, we acquired Ativa Hospitality, a Bangkok based boutique hotel Management Company, and followed this in 2011 by acquiring Constellation, an Australian hospitality platform with over 50 hotels, 4000 rooms. We’ve enhanced our management team, integrated Ativa & Constellation, and launched SilverNeedle Hospitality which is now on the way to establishing itself as a leading hospitality company in Asia. .